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Clear the way in the web jungle.

Exorde is the web3 protocol that empowers developers to crawl and link all public data on the web.

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Where people crawl the web

Thanks to its decentralized community, Exorde gathers and links public content from all over the world regardless of language barriers, free of political bias and in real time.

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Contributors validate urls and public content from one another thanks to blockchain technology and Proof-Of-Stake consensus.

These key technologies allow for full transparency and reinforce the neutrality of the protocol with respect to the data it processes.

All the data is processed on IPFS and archived on Filecoin.
Protocol output gives several metrics to monitor in real-time what is happening on the web.


Discover how people feel about subjects, brands, events, policies and more with this revolutionary way of analyzing live sentiment online.


Learn about new and upcoming trends by visualizing how fast a topic is circulating on the web in real-time.


Monitor mentions and keywords volumes by source and language in real-time.

Our products

All of the previous metrics are used on our products: Exorde Index and Exorde API.


Exorde Index

Monitor the web thanks to Exorde data.


Exorde REST  API

Get Exorde data from our REST API .

Enter the network

Run a node, stake and earn EXD, the cryptocurrency of the Exorde Protocol.
EXD token supply for rewards
up to 30k
EXDs rewards per day
1 GB
RAM required
Run a node

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More than $2million raised
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