Exorde : The beginning.

Exorde in french means the first part of a speech, the introduction. And tomorrow, we hope, the project that will allow you to introduce your passage on social networks and not fall into the trap of disinformation campaigns.

Lies and rumours have existed since the beginning of humanity. But if they were local at the time, they can now travel around the world in seconds thanks to social networks and impact a very large audience. Indeed, 4.48 billion people are active on social networks every month and 56.8% of the world's population is part of a social network (Statista, July 2021).

With such a large number of users comes a gigantic production of information. Every minute, 240,000 photos are shared on Facebook and 500,000 tweets are posted.

social networks phone

In this flood of information, it is difficult to sort out, and misinformation can then make its way easily. It is estimated that only 12 people are responsible for 65% of the false information on covid in the US.

This misinformation directly threatens our societies by leading to climate inaction, by playing a dominant role in elections and by preventing people from vaccinating themselves on the basis of false arguments. They also create a bipolarisation of society between 'pro' and 'anti' camps based on two completely different realities depending on what they read on their social media feeds.

Decentralisation as a solution

With Exorde, we want to add nuance to this flood of information. By tracing the spread of information on the web and linking similar facts together, we will allow you to browse your news feed with a trust score associated with each piece of information. You will also be able to find in one click all the sources and media dealing with information similar to what you are reading.


To achieve this, we are creating a decentralised economy and community whose mission will be to cross-check all the information on the web and to note the sources behind each piece of information. These contributors will be rewarded with the crypto-currency we create and will be able to progress through our system over time. We will discuss the major role of our crypto-currency token in more detail in the next article.


Exorde Team - Terence Gras, Mathias Dail, Damien Pucheu

We are three co-founders: Térence, Mathias and Damien. We are all software engineers and we decided to use our skills to fight disinformation and fake news.

  • Térence, CEO, is developing the company's strategy and is looking for our future investors.
  • Mathias, CTO, is creating a robust protocol and finetuning our network's tokenomics.
  • Damien, COO, develops the applications and puts his writer's hat on for the communication part.


Today - end of 2021

  • Launch of Exorde Explore: SaaS for information virality analysis for the financial and media world
  • Token private sale (seed phase)

Early 2022 - mid 2022

  • Addition of trend analysis functionality to Exorde Explore
  • Token private sale (pre-sale 1 and pre-sale 2)

Mid 2022 - End 2022

  • Launch of the first version of the Exorde SDK with participation of contributors
  • Launch of the Exorde API allowing platforms to display trust scores
  • Token public sale


  • Outlier Ventures is a reference in the crypto startup accelerators ecosystem. We are thrilled to have been selected in the Filecoin Basecamp.
  • Skale is a layer to address the performance and cost issues of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • MME is a European program to support 20 start-ups providing solutions for the media industry.


Are you an investor interested for the private sale of our token or do you simply want to know more about Exorde? Contact us at [email protected]!