Brexit or “British Exit” is a UK-wide referendum that occurred in June 2016 to assess whether or not the UK should remain within the U.E. The vote resulted in 51.89% voters voting to exit the E.U. against 48.11% to remain.

This outcome of this vote was the result of high voter abstention especially amongst the populations most likely to vote remain (18-24), widespread misinformation, disinformation and fakes news propagated notably by the pro-Brexit parties, and the use of cutting-edge technology to influence voter outcome through Cambridge Analytica amongst other factors.

As the vote passed, chaos ensued within the UK government starting with David Cameron’s (then prime minister) resignation, who is then replaced by Theresa May who will resign 2 years later in favor of Boris Johnson.

As misleading information played an important role in the Brexit campaign, Exorde could have offered an interesting alternative to voters in assisting them to remain critical with regards to the information they encountered online. Levering a community-based approach to tracking the spread of information, Exorde could have provided trust scores on Brexit-related subjects ultimately helping UK voters in making this difficult decision.