On the 31st of December 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was reported to the WHO. By April 4th 2020 WHO confirms over 1 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide, making of it a global epidemic.

As the virus spread throughout the world, countries adopted different attitudes with regards to how the problem should be addressed. Whereas many countries resorted to a series of COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe other countries such as the USA and the UK denied the lethality of the virus, calling it a hoax, a scare story & more.

Thanks to a coordinated worldwide effort, a multitude of COVID-19 vaccines were rapidly developed across multiple countries. To this day, over a billion does have been administered worldwide with many more to come.

As for all subjects of this magnitude and importance, the COVID-19 was and still is a hot topic for conspiracy theories, and a point of focus for anti-vaxxers. This resistance to vaccination, fueled by misinformation, can lead to much more severe problems, especially with regards to attaining herd immunity.

Failing to reach herd immunity through covid vaccine rollout can not only lead to the population remaining vulnerable to the disease, but also a risk to recurrent seasonal covid outbreaks in areas where vaccine coverage was not good enough.

COVID-19, its origins, its vaccine rollout, and its mortality rate are to this day high points of contention within the public worldwide. Exorde aims to assist people in making the right decisions for themselves with regards to this situation by offering trust scores on information they are susceptible to encounter online on this topic.

With our community-based open-sourced approach, we aim to create a platform open to all to analyze the propagation of information online in a neutral way. Our final trust scores will help Web users remain critical to the information they encounter in their daily virtual lives.