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Clear the way
in the web jungle.

Exorde is the web3 protocol that empowers developers to crawl and link all public data on the web.

What are the sources of what I'm reading?

Pretty sure that you've never asked yourself this question while browsing social networks, right?

With Exorde, we want to answer this by creating an amazing community that will link all the public data circulating on the web.

The protocol

The Exorde protocol receives as input urls of public information: social network posts, press articles, photos, videos...

These urls are processed in a decentralized data pipeline giving as output data graphs that link all similar data and facts.

Exorde protocol scheme

Designed to scale

The information flows on the web are colossal (7.7 Exabytes per day in 2021). To be able to track and aggregate all this data, Exorde chooses decentralization and open-source.

Unite bots image

Unite people bots

We are building a community that will create its own bots to permanently scrape and link all the data on the web.

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Spread the knowledge

We will make open-source artificial intelligence modules available to contributors to get them started on Exorde.

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Decentralization first

Instead of investing in huge storage infrastructures, we rely on decentralized technologies like Filecoin.

The token

EXD is the utility token of the Exorde protocol.

All contributors can earn reputation and EXD, the cryptocurrency of the Exorde protocol.

exorde token

Use cases everywhere

The output data graphs of Exorde protocol can be very useful to analyse the propagation of each information on the web and can handle several use cases.

newspaper burned

Fake news

Monitor the virality of the information and get all sources for each information
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Take decisions by seeing what is trending on the web
bored ape green


See the propagation of the media you bought as NFTs.

Products and services

The data graphs generated by the Exorde protocol create a new information economy and enable the creation of new services and products.

data marketplace

Data marketplace

Pay our community and get the data graphs you want about specific topics.

High-speed APIs

Embed data and metrics coming from Exorde in your website
exorde explore

Exorde Index

The platform for crypto traders to take good decisions.

Want to launch other products and/or services? Don't worry, the data will be available to everyone on Filecoin and is not privatized by Exorde Labs in any way! So don't hesitate to compete with us and create your own business!

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insignius capital
palar capital
vespertine capital
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