Understand information differently.

Because web 3 brings new ways to solve information-related challenges, we have created Exorde.

The next generation platform.

Exorde is a politically neutral & transparent platform powered by a community and aimed at mapping out the Web and offering data services.


Decentralization helps reinforce Exorde’s neutrality with regards to the data it processes.


Exorde is open to all. Contributors to Exorde’s ecosystem are rewarded based on the quality and quantity of their work, therefore creating economic incentive to help Exorde grow into the leading Web-mapping platform.


Contributors must gain reputation by proving their honesty in the less critical levels of our platform. As they gain more and more reputation, they can participate in critical decision-making for Exorde such as voting on media source reputations.

The next generation economy.

Exorde change the way of fighting fake news by creating an entire economy dedicated to this goal. Contribute to the platform and earn some Exorde Token (EXD).

Utility token

The EXD token is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. It is used both as a reward for Exorde’s contributors, and as a utility token to pay for the marketplace’s services.


Staking means depositing an amount of EXD in a stake wallet. Staking is a green alternative to mining to validate the data in blockchains and is far less energy consuming. In Exorde, your stake is reimbursed, and you are rewarded when your contribution to the ecosystem is validated.

Bonding curve

The Bonding Curve is a simple way of regulating token pricing. Tokens bought on the Bonding Curve are “minted” or “created” whereas tokens sold on the same curve are “burned” or “destroyed”. This system ensures that Exorde’s value will be strongly correlated with the quality of the service it provides.

The next generation technology.

Exorde is a technological revolution combining state-of-the-art AI and a decentralized community.


Blockchain technology is central to Exorde’s ecosystem as it allows for immutable data, publicly logged transactions, and full transparency. As mining does not exist in Exorde, we have only kept the green aspect of the technology, therefore ensuring that our solution will be durable.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and specifically natural language processing add more power to the Exorde ecosystem by automating its tasks. Exorde encourages its contributors to create their own bots to feed the system and will be hosting regular coding tournaments to provide new open-sourced AI modules to that effect.

Decentralized storage

Following our logic of decentralization and transparency, we will use a decentralized storage network. This network will ensure that Exorde’s data remains immutable and resistant to future cyber-threats.

Have a huge impact.

Misinformation and fake news propagation can have a lot of consequences. Read the following use cases to understand how Exorde can help change the world.

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